Sep 23, 2023

Hacktoberfest 2023 T-Shirts are NOT entirely gone!

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Nischal jain

Yes, you read it right. You can still participate in Hacktober, make meaningful contributions, and stand a chance to win some cool swags from DoWhile. It's our version of enabling more and more developers to contribute to open source and still keep the excitement of getting t-shirts alive one more year :D

What is DoWhile (formerly Collectiv)?

DoWhile is a platform that helps thousands of developers from across the globe to work with OSS repos. Developers use collectiv to search, understand, and contribute to 2000+ open source codebases. Check it out here

One of the biggest problems with open-source contributions, especially for those just starting out, is understanding such a complex codebase. You find yourself going through tons of docs or relying on someone in the community to address your doubts. 

Let's admit it: contributing to open source is complicated and a craft mastered over time with patience. We can at least make it a bit easier. AI tools get all the rage for doing more harm than good. DoWhile challenges that. It's not made for a fancy prototype, but we work day in and out to make a reliable system. 

So how does DoWhile x hacktoberfest 2023 work?

Before I dig deeper, I want to clarify that this is not "official" Hacktoberfest merch (because there isn't any :p), but DoWhile hacktober merch that you get when you contribute to open source in October!

It's simple: make four meaningful (read non-spam) contributions to *any* repo with >100 stars and fill out this really simple form. We will verify and ship a really cool merch kit anywhere you are in the world!

You should also check out more details on DoWhile's official Hacktoberfest page.

Hacktoberfest has been infamous for spamming the maintainer community for many low-quality contributions. We sincerely hope that now, with DoWhile, even beginners can take up a bit more challenging issues that make an impact on the OSS ecosystem.

Gear up!!

So, gear up for an exciting month full of fun, learning, and hacking this October! See you all at Hacktoberfest 2023 w/ DoWhile!!

Join an amazing community of developers leveraging AI to build

Join an amazing community of developers.

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Join an amazing community of developers leveraging AI to build