Oct 5, 2023

Get Hacktoberfest 2023 Swags. Complete list of projects giving swags. Do not give up on T Shirts yet!

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Nischal jain

Hacktoberfest, an annual event that celebrates open source contributions, has become popular not only for its focus on OSS contributions but also for the swag rewards participants receive. While the official Hacktoberfest t-shirts have been discontinued from this year, there are still numerous projects and organisations that offer swag rewards for participants in Hacktoberfest 2023. Here is an exhaustive collection of such projects and organisations along with relevant links. Master list at the end!

1. DoWhile AI: DoWhile is an AI platform made for helping developers contribute to open source projects by helping them in searching and understanding the code as they start out with an unfamiliar repo of an OSS project. DoWhile already helps more than 10,000 developers contribute to over 2000+ projects. We will send out a swag kit with a cool t-shirt if you use collectiv to understand the codebase and contribute during Hacktoberfest 2023. Best part is you can use DoWhile to contribute and win merch from the other organisations mentioned below in the list! Checkout details here.

2. Cloudinary: Cloudinary is an image and video API platform. They have made a lot of their SDKs and Libraries open for contributions. They will ship out a T Shirt, some stickers and a cloudinary unicorn. You can find out more details here.

3. Flyte: Flyte helps building production-grade data and ML workflows. They are giving out merch to some serious contributors who make educational content about Flyte. If you are passionate about ML workflows, this could be for you. More details here.

4. UNO Platform: If you are a .NET developer than UNO could be the project for you. UNO is an open-source developer productivity platform for building single-codebase native mobile, web, desktop and embedded apps. Sweaters, T-shirts and more is in the store for participants! Checkout details here.

5. ServiceNow: ServiceNow is a SaaS platform providing multiple IT offerings for businesses. They are participating in Hacktoberfest 2023 and shipping merch till stick last. Some details here.

6. MASTER LIST- Check out https://hacktoberfestswaglist.com. This project culminates the above and many more orgs that are going above and beyond this hacktoberfest! You can get tons of swags from these orgs!!

So let's get to hacking & get those PRs merged!! 🚀 🥳

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