Username Policy


This Username Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") is between the user (hereinafter referred to as "You", "Your"or “User”) of our service (hereinafter referred to as “DoWhile Chat”) on the website and CollectivAI Inc. - owner of DoWhile AI and DoWhile Chat (hereinafter referred to as "We", "Us", "DoWhile.AI" or "Our").

This Policy establishes the guidelines and regulations governing the usage, and administration of usernames on DoWhile Chat. By registering with Your GitHub account (defined below) or choosing a username to use DoWhile Chat, You acknowledge and agree to abide by this Policy. Failure to adhere to this Policy may result in the measures outlined in Section 5 (five) (Enforcement and Termination) of this Policy. Additionally, it's important to acknowledge that, in addition to this Policy, the use of Your username on DoWhile Chat is subject to the terms outlined in Our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Developer Policy, (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Agreement(s)".)

Currently, DoWhile.AI uses the single sign-on integration from Github India Private Limited (“GitHub”) for its User(s). This enables Us to uphold a secure and all-encompassing community and enforce stringent regulations against the use of account names that infringe upon the stipulations laid out in Our Agreement(s).We are committed to protecting and preserving the security and privacy of Your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information. In pursuit of the same, We take extensive measures to comply with privacy laws in every jurisdiction where We conduct business, including the United States of America (US), India and the European Union/ European Economic Area (collectively referred to as EEA hereinafter). 

We may allow You to register on DoWhile Chat beyond Our GitHub single sign-on integration. This may include registration via Your email address or password, phone number or any other specified manner (hereinafter referred to as “DoWhile Chat User Registration”). By using DoWhile Chat, You agree and acknowledge to be bound by this Policy.


2.1 We recognize the substantial impact that a username wields on DoWhile Chat. Given its enduring nature, extensive functionality, and propensity to garner widespread attention, We uphold high regard for usernames. This approach is undertaken to mitigate potential harm and safeguard the welfare of Our User(s). As a responsible User of DoWhile Chat, You acknowledge and agree that: 

  • You shall use the username allotted to You by GitHub as Your username for DoWhile Chat;

  • You shall use only 1 (one) username for the usage of DoWhile Chat; and

  • You shall not engage in buying/selling/renting usernames or profiles from any other User on DoWhile Chat.

  • In the case of Your DoWhile Chat User Registration, You agree that:

  • You will be allotted Your username on a first-come-first-served basis;

  • Your selection of usernames must demonstrate respect, non-offensiveness, and conformity with the terms outlined in this Policy and the Agreement(s). This signifies that the usernames You opt for should not incorporate profanity, hate speech, discriminatory vocabulary, or any content that contravenes relevant laws or regulations;

  • use of system variables as usernames (for instance, "root," "admin," "support," etc.) is prohibited;

  • You shall avoid using usernames that suggest or endorse violence, illegal actions, or harmful conduct;

  • Your chosen username should not divulge personal details, including full names, addresses, contact information, or sensitive data. We encourage You to opt for distinctive usernames that safeguard Your privacy and identity; and

  • You shall not create any username which represents You to be an official or representative of DoWhile.AI.


    • We understand that GitHub typically differentiates its users by their unique GitHub user IDs, which are distinct for each user account, even if the usernames are the same. This allows GitHub to differentiate and manage users with identical usernames. DoWhile.AI abides by this GitHub/Gitlab policy for DoWhile Chat as well.

    • In the case of Your DoWhile Chat User Registration, in situations where two or more Users select the same username, the account creation process will be determined as per GitHub’s policies.


    1. We actively discourage any form of cybersquatting behaviour. Cybersquatting entails deliberately registering, acquiring, or using a username with the intention of benefiting from the positive reputation connected to another entity's trademark or brand. To prevent such activities on DoWhile Chat, You agree to:

      • refrain from using, and to the extent possible, modify Your GitHub username in case it violates any copyrighted materials, trademarks, or intellectual property without obtaining proper authorization or permissions from the rightful owners; and

      • refrain from appropriating names of celebrities, companies, politicians, or religious figures as usernames. 

    1. In the event that You choose to claim Your GitHub username falling within the categories mentioned in this section for the purpose of Your DoWhile Chat account, You agree to subject the chosen username to a manual verification process that may be conducted by Us/ GitHub.

    2. The use of sockpuppet accounts is explicitly prohibited. Sockpuppetry involves the creation and utilization of multiple accounts featuring misleading usernames by an individual to deceive, manipulate, or mislead other users or the platform itself. To discourage such behaviour, You acknowledge and agree that You shall:

      • abstain from employing sockpuppet accounts to engage in fraudulent activities within DoWhile Chat. This includes the creation of multiple DoWhile Chat accounts with the intent to deceive others, engage in any project or activity that goes against this Policy or the Agreement(s), or exploit vulnerabilities for personal gain; 

      • avoid utilizing sockpuppet accounts to manipulate user feedback concerning any project under development by a User. Such manipulation can lead User(s) astray and impact their decision-making process, potentially resulting in financial losses or unreliable experiences; and 

      • refrain from using sockpuppet accounts to impersonate legitimate User(s) on DoWhile Chat. Impersonation can result in identity theft, unauthorized access to a User project development history, and fraudulent transactions.


    1. Any breach of this Policy may lead to corrective measures, including but not limited to:

      • examination of Your activity on DoWhile Chat by Us/GitHub or the reassignment of Your username by Us/GitHub;

      • immediate suspension or termination of Your account on DoWhile Chat;

      • deletion or removal of any content or contributions linked to sockpuppet accounts from DoWhile Chat;

      • imposition of restrictions or limitations on future account creation or usage on DoWhile Chat; and

      • pursuit of legal action by rightful rights holders, which might result in monetary compensations or other remedies as mandated by law.

    2. The gravity of the violation, User history, and intent will be taken into account while determining the appropriate course of action. We retain the right to withdraw access to Your username at Our discretion, without prior notice.

    3. We may rescind Your username to adhere to legal obligations or court mandates.

  • Account Removal and Username Reinstatement

    To align with relevant laws and industry standards, We may in the future adhere to a policy of erasing all remnants of User accounts upon the User's voluntary request for deletion. If You choose to delete Your account, all information supplied by You (including Your chosen username) will be erased in accordance with established procedures. It's important for You to accept and acknowledge that this course of action may lead to Us reassigning Your username to some other User.

    Should You have any doubts or discover any instances of unauthorized utilization of Your GitHub username or the username acquired via DoWhile Chat User Registration, it is of paramount importance that You swiftly notify Us about the same. Please be aware that We disclaim any liability for any losses or harms stemming from the utilization of Your DoWhile Chat account, regardless of whether the actions are taken by You or any third party, be it authorized or not. Furthermore, We relinquish any responsibility in the situation where You misplace Your GitHub username or account password or allow any third party to use the same.

    Reporting Username Harms
    We strongly urge You to report any breaches of this Policy by getting in touch with Our support team via Our Discord handle or at Timely reporting assists Us in implementing suitable measures and upholding a secure and hospitable atmosphere for every stakeholder.

    Changes to the Policy
    We retain the prerogative to alter this Policy at any point, considering shifts under applicable legislations or otherwise. The updated Policy will take effect from the specified date. We suggest that You periodically peruse this Policy to remain apprised of Our management of Your usernames.

    This Policy was last revised on 30th August, 2023.

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