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CollectivAI Inc “Collectiv.AI”, "We", "Us", "DoWhile.AI" or "Our”) - owner of DoWhile.AI and DoWhile Chat is dedicated to safeguarding the personal data and sensitive personal data (as defined below) of its users (“You, ”Yours”, “User”), which includes Users of its product, DoWhile Chat ("DoWhile Chat"), and other products that may be launched in future and available on our website on its website (“Site”).

This privacy policy (“Policy”) defines personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") as information that directly or indirectly identifies You, such as Your first and last name, residential address, e-mail address, or other contact details. Sensitive personal information ("Sensitive Personal Information"), including User passwords, financial information (such as bank account, credit/debit card, or other payment instrument specifics), and medical records and history, is also covered by this definition of Personal Information. These definitions may differ depending on the jurisdiction, and You should refer to the most appropriate meaning according to applicable laws, as summarized in Clause 6 of this Policy.

By entering the Site, You agree to abide by the data gathering and usage protocols detailed in this Policy. It's worth noting that specific functions or amenities mentioned in this Policy may not be accessible on Our Site perpetually. Additionally, We suggest reviewing our Terms of Use, which govern Your use of the Site and DoWhile Chat. 

We are committed to protecting and preserving the security and privacy of Your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information. In pursuit of the same, We take extensive measures to comply with privacy laws in every jurisdiction where We conduct business, including the United States of America (US), India and the European Union/ European Economic Area (collectively referred to as EEA hereinafter). 

While Our information processing activities are intended to be globally covered by this Policy, certain jurisdictions may have stricter legal constraints. For example, a nation's laws may impose restrictions on the types of Personal Information We can collect or how We can handle or transfer that data. In such cases, We will adjust Our internal rules and procedures to comply with the relevant local laws. As a responsible User, it is Your responsibility to be informed about any such changes to this Policy.


2.1 Whose and What Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information We Collect? 

We require certain Personal Information depending on Your use of Our Site and DoWhile Chat. This data is crucial for Us to meet Our responsibilities and comply with relevant legislation.

  • Personal Information of User(s)- When You use the Site or DoWhile Chat, it may be necessary for Us to gather or acquire Your Personal Information which can consist of Your name, email address, company address, billing address, phone number, the contents of the message (including Your input (as defined below) and Your feedback to DoWhile Chat), and/or attachments You may send Us.

  • Identifying children under 18 years of age- DoWhile Chat is designed for individuals aged 18 and above. We do not intentionally gather Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18. If We become aware that someone under 18 has given Us Personal Information, We will make commercially reasonable efforts to erase their Personal Information from Our records. In case You are a parent or legal guardian of an individual under 18 and think that We have obtained their Personal Information, please refer to Section 10 of this Policy to contact Us. 

  • Information collected via web forms- Apart from what has been mentioned earlier, We may acquire Your Personal Information by means of web forms if You opt to provide it. When participating in webinars and lead generation campaigns, We may require You to submit the following information to Us: Your first and last name, gender, e-mail address, mobile number, name of the company/organisation/institution, Your designation, or city/country.

  • Social media information: We maintain profiles on various social media platforms including LinkedIn, GitHub, Discord, etc. Upon engaging with Our social media profiles, We will gather Personal Information that You choose to share with Us, such as Your contact information. Furthermore, the entities hosting Our social media profiles might furnish Us with combined insights and analytics regarding Our social media engagement.

  • Non-identifying information- We might gather other types of information, including demographic data, zip codes, details related to how You use the Site and Our Services, and project-related data that doesn't disclose Your identity ("Non-Identifying Information"). We may combine information obtained from Our User(s), whether they are registered or not. Usernames are regarded as Non-Identifying Information and may be shared publicly via DoWhile Chat. 

  • Information We receive from third parties- We may also receive information about You from third-party sources or private codebase access via GitHub, GitLab, etc. For instance, We may enhance the information We collect by adding external records, or third parties may provide Us with information as part of a co-marketing agreement or upon Your request (such as when You decide to log in using a third-party service). In case We combine the information We get from third-party sources with the data We collect through Your use of DoWhile Chat, We will handle the combined information in accordance with this Policy.

  • Information obtained automatically- Whenever You utilise or interact with Our Site or DoWhile Chat, We and Our third-party service providers, including analytics and third-party content providers, may automatically gather specific information from You. This information may comprise the type of browser and operating system You are using, the URL or advertisement that referred You to DoWhile Chat, the search terms You utilised to locate Our Site or DoWhile Chat, Your activity on DoWhile Chat, and other details typically shared when browsers communicate with websites. We may combine data automatically collected through logs with other information that We obtain about You. We do this to enhance the services We provide, marketing strategies, analytics, and overall Site performance.

2.2 How We Collect Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information 

  • We may obtain Personal Information directly via the use of cookies, web beacons, web forms, the information that You have provided DoWhile Chat (“Input”), or the information that has been provided to You by DoWhile Chat (“Output”). You acknowledge and agree that any Personal Information You provide to Us through various means is being handled in accordance with applicable local laws and with Your informed, voluntary, and explicit consent. By using Our Site and DoWhile Chat, We understand that You are giving Us Your informed, voluntary, and explicit consent to process Your information in this manner.

  • Cookies- Similar to other websites, We and Our partners such as service providers, and affiliates in marketing, promotions etc. use "cookies" to gather information. Cookies are small files that We send to Your computer's hard drive to keep records. We use both persistent cookies, which remain on Your computer, and session ID cookies, which expire at the end of Your browser session. Persistent cookies are used to save Your login information and track Your compliance with Our Terms of Use. Session ID cookies are used to enable certain features of the Site, monitor the usage of DoWhile Chat by Users, and track web traffic routing on DoWhile Chat. You may be able to change Your browser's settings to reject cookies or receive a prompt before accepting a cookie from the Site. However, if You reject cookies, some of Our Site’s and DoWhile Chat’s functionality may not be available to You.

  • Web beacons- Along with Our marketing partners, affiliates, analytics, and service providers, We may also use a software technology called "web beacons" or "tracking tags" to help Us monitor the effectiveness of DoWhile Chat’s content and provide You with relevant advertising. Web beacons are small graphics with a unique identifier that may be invisible to You and are used to track Internet users' online activity. They are embedded in the web pages You visit or email messages You receive. These technologies may be used for various purposes, such as counting visitors to DoWhile Chat, monitoring how Our Users navigate the Site and DoWhile Chat, or counting how many particular articles were viewed on Our blog post page.

  • Webforms and Your Responses on the Site-  In certain situations, We may infer information about You based on the details You provide Us through DoWhile Chat, web forms or the Contact Us feature on Our Site.

2.3 Our Purpose Behind Processing Your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information

We process Your Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information for a variety of reasons such as providing, enhancing, and managing DoWhile Chat, communicating with You, ensuring security and preventing fraud, and complying with relevant laws. We may also use Your information for other purposes, subject to Your consent. We process Your information for the following purposes: 

  • Business management- To effectively manage Our business operations, We require Your Personal Information for various purposes such as managing company assets, providing reviews, reporting and distributing public data (e.g., annual reports), and organising work assignments. 

  • Personalise Your experience- We make use of the Personal Information You provide Us, which includes the software products and services You use, have used in the past, or are currently exploring on DoWhile Chat, in order to personalise and offer recommendations to You based on Your Input.

  • To improve and understand the usage of this Site- We use Your Personal Information related to Your activities on the Site and DoWhile Chat, such as the pages You visited, Your search history, and the time, date, and duration of Your visits, to gain a deeper understanding of how DoWhile Chat is being used and to improve its performance. Gathering Your Personal Information enables Us to enhance DoWhile Chat and create novel programs and services, ultimately leading to a more improved and tailored experience for You. 

  • Engage in research and analysis related to the Site- Your Personal Information is used to identify and resolve any errors, as well as to research and test new and different features. Additionally, We analyse how visitors use and access the Site and DoWhile Chat.

  • To comply with law enforcement- We collect Your Personal Information to adhere to legal responsibilities and procedures, as well as to safeguard Our, Our affiliate’s, and Your rights, privacy, and safety. 

    2.4 How We Secure Your Personal Information

  • We employ reasonable technical, administrative, and organisational measures to safeguard Personal Information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, both online and offline. 

  • It's important to note that no internet or email transmission is entirely secure or devoid of errors. Email communication with Us may not be fully secure. Furthermore, any bypassing of privacy settings or security measures on the DoWhile Chat or third-party websites is beyond Our responsibility.

We will retain Your Personal Information only as long as necessary for providing an Output or legitimate business purposes like dispute resolution, safety, security, or legal compliance. The duration of retention hinges on factors such as data quantity, nature, sensitivity, potential risks, processing purpose, and legal obligations.

    DoWhile.AI collaborates with various partners, such as network advertisers, ad agencies, and analytics service providers, to obtain information on the traffic on this Site and DoWhile Chat that You provided/ availed. These service providers may collect certain information about Your visits to Our Site, DoWhile Chat and other websites, and they may set and access their tracking technologies on Your device, such as cookies and web beacons. They may use this information to show You targeted advertisements. Some of these third parties may also collect Personal Information. We may also share certain non-identifying information with these parties in connection with the services they provide to Us. In case You are visiting third-party websites, then Your usage of these websites will be governed by their respective privacy policies and DoWhile.AI shall have no bearing or responsibility for the same.


    • In various locations, including the EEA, the UK, and the US, User(s) may possess specific statutory rights concerning their Personal Information. These rights encompass accessing and learning about how Your data is processed, erasing it from Our records, rectifying or updating it, transferring it to another party (data portability), limiting its processing, withdrawing consent if processing relies on it, objecting to processing, and filing complaints with local data protection authorities. 

    • Regarding accuracy, DoWhile Chat generates responses by predicting likely words based on Your Input. Thus, Output accuracy may vary.

In order to exercise these rights or provide feedback on DoWhile Chat’s Output, kindly refer to Section 10 of this Policy. 


    5.1 Data Sharing 

    • DoWhile.AI guarantees that any information collected will not be sold or leased to any third parties. Additionally, DoWhile.AI will not disclose Your information to other User(s) or third parties, unless it is necessary to fulfil the services You have requested through DoWhile Chat.

    • We may combine or anonymize Personal Information so that it can no longer identify You. This information may then be utilized to assess the effectiveness of DoWhile Chat, enhance and introduce new features, conduct research, and for other similar purposes. Additionally, We may analyse Your overall behaviour and traits on DoWhile Chat. We are committed to maintaining and using de-identified information in an anonymous or de-identified manner, refraining from attempting to re-identify it, unless legally mandated.

    • DoWhile.AI utilizes conversations, along with feedback and associated information, from Users to enhance DoWhile Chat’s functionality, making it safer and more useful for all Users. The process of improving the model includes a crucial step of human review. During this review, humans contribute to refining DoWhile Chat’s responses through assessment, rating, and revisions.

    5.2 Data disclosures

    • We do share Your information with third parties such as service providers like Open AI, regulated institutions (e.g., law enforcement or financial institutions), affiliated entities, and business partners. The following section provides thorough information about the parties with whom We share Your Personal Information and its usage

    • Service providers- We may engage the services of third-party companies and individuals to assist Us in providing, maintaining, and improving DoWhile Chat. These third parties may perform tasks on Our behalf, such as database management, web analytics, online advertising, payment processing, fraud detection, and improving the features of Our Site and DoWhile Chat from time to time. To carry out these tasks, they may require access to Your Personal Information.

    • Legal and investigative purposes-  We are obligated under various laws to share information with government agencies. We work closely with the government and law enforcement officials, as well as private parties such as Our legal counsels, to ensure compliance with applicable laws. In certain situations, We may disclose information about You to these parties if We deem it necessary or appropriate, based on Our sole discretion, to respond to legal process (including but not limited to subpoenas), to protect Our's or a third party's property and rights, to safeguard the public or any individual, or to prevent or stop the potentially illegal, fraudulent, unethical, or actionable activity or to comply with applicable laws. 

    • Internal and business transfers: In the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, We may sell, transfer, or share some or all of Our assets, including Your Personal Information, as part of the due diligence process with any potential acquiring entity or in the event of bankruptcy. We will inform You of any changes in ownership or uses of Your personal information by sending You an email and/or posting a prominent notice on Our Site. You will also be informed of any choices You may have regarding Your Personal Information.

    • Human Reviewers: Trained human reviewers evaluate conversations to gauge their quality concerning the Input. They identify instances where DoWhile Chat’s responses are of low quality, inaccurate, or potentially harmful. Subsequently, these evaluators suggest improved responses based on predefined policies. These suggestions serve as fine-tuning data to provide Us with a better learning dataset, enabling DoWhile Chat to generate improved responses in the future.


    Through Your utilization of DoWhile Chat, You recognize and accept that We will process and store Your Personal Information in AWS Server situated within India.  Additionally, this information might be shared with third parties and affiliates in different geographical locations.  

    6.1 If You are located in California, this section applies to You

    • Personal information is defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") as “information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household.”

    • California residents are empowered under the CCPA with the right to opt out of having their data sold to third parties, the right to request disclosure of data already collected, and the right to request deletion of data collected.

    Additionally, California residents have the right to be notified and the right to equal services and price (i.e. cannot be discriminated against based on their choice to exercise their rights).

    6.2 If You are located in India, this section applies to You

    If You reside in India, You will be governed by the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 and the Information Technology Act of 2000, as amended.

    6.3 If You are located in UAE, this section applies to You

    If You are from UAE, You shall be governed by the Personal Data Protection Law, Federal Decree Law No. 45 of 2021, which consists of an integrated framework to ensure information confidentiality and preserve the privacy of individuals in the UAE.

    6.4 If You are located in UK or EEA, this section applies to You

    If You are from UK, You shall be governed by the principal legislation in UK namely, UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Data Protection Act, 2018. Following are certain disclosures from Our end in case You live in the EEA or the UK: 

    Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information:
    We attempt to process Your DoWhile Chat Input to provide You with the most accurate Output under DoWhile.AI’s Terms of Use, Username Policy and Developer Policy. This involves tasks such as generating optimal responses to User queries on DoWhile Chat and providing functionalities like the “Import Your Code” feature.

    DoWhile.AI’s and Third Parties Legitimate Interests With Privacy Safeguards:
    We use publicly accessible sources and Your Input information to enhance, develop, and refine Our products, services, and machine learning technologies. This processing serves the legitimate interests of DoWhile.AI and User(s) in aspects such as fine-tuning models, creating new features, understanding usage patterns, and tailoring user experiences. Additionally, We ensure the functionality, safety, and reliability of DoWhile Chat by identifying and addressing issues like fraud, abuse, security threats, and technical glitches.

    Compliance With Legal Obligations:
    We process Your DoWhile.AI’s data as required by applicable laws, regulations, legal processes, or governmental requests.

    Your Consent:
    As DoWhile Chat evolves, We might seek Your consent for specific processing purposes. When We rely on Your consent, You can withdraw it at any time. 
    If You wish to exercise any of the rights set forth above, You may make a request to Our grievance officer at


If You are a registered User, You have the option to update Your communication preferences. If You don't want to receive marketing emails from Us, kindly refer to Section 10 of this Policy. However, please note that We may still need to send You certain messages related to Your account or use of DoWhile Chat, such as administrative or service announcements.

You can access, correct, or request the deletion of Your Personal Information by contacting Us. If You delete all Your Personal Information, Your account may become deactivated, and You won't be able to use the Site and/or DoWhile Chat’s features.

If You want Us to delete Your account, You can contact Us to make a request. We will make every effort to comply with Your request at the soonest. Your Personal Information may remain in Our archives, even if You delete Your account, for administrative purposes. It may not be possible to remove or delete all information from Our databases, and We generally will not remove Non-identifying Information. 

    We might make revisions to this Policy periodically and highlight the same on Our Site. It is Your responsibility to be informed about any such changes to this Policy.

    If You ever have an issue or concern about how Your Personal Information is being processed, stored, or shared, You have the option to get in touch with our grievance redressal officer, namely Naman Jain at

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 30th August, 2023. 

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